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Nvidia announces Gelato 2.0, Sorbetto, and Armaret
Posted by: Tyler Reed on Fri Aug 05 2005

Nvidia has announced a new version of their GPU accelerated Gelato rendering software, along with Armaretto, a max bridge for Gelato developed by Frantic Films, and Sorbetto, an interactive tool that accelerates experimentation of lighting. Final release is due for January 2006. link

Orbaz Technologies at Siggraph 2005
Posted by: Tyler Reed on Mon Jul 25 2005

Oleg (designer of Particle Flow) will be showing off Box #3 at the discreet and Turbo Squid booths. More information can be found here. link

Brazil 2.0 at Siggraph
Posted by: Tyler Reed on Wed Jul 20 2005

The long awaited Brazil 2.0 will be showed off at Siggraph this year. The feature set in release 2 includes
-3D motion blur
-render-time displacement
- support of 3dsmax render-to-texture
-enhanced GI features including render caches (irradiance, area lighting, subsurface scattering, etc.)
-core performance enhancements (memory, cpu, etc) and much more. link

MAXPlugins.de turns 5
Posted by: Tyler Reed on Wed Jul 13 2005

The all known site MAXplugins.de is on their 5th anniversary! Congrats guys for keeping the site running. If you're a max user and don't know what this site is... you should like be shot. :P link

Max T-shirts from Vray.info
Posted by: Tyler Reed on Thu Jun 30 2005

Head over to vray.info as they have max t-shirts with the ever famous teapot on the front. It's a must buy for die hard max users. They come in five different colors, check it out. link

CG Academy announces Advanced Modeling DVD
Posted by: Tyler Reed on Mon Jun 27 2005

CG Academy has released their first dvd in their modeling series. This one is done by artist Dominic Qwek and deals with Sub-D creature modeling. Check it out here. CG Academy

7 free MAXScript training videos on ScriptSpot
Posted by: Tyler Reed on Sun Jun 26 2005

First off, thanks to GavinB for creating these in first place. Originally posted on CGtalk, but now they are all available to download from ScriptSpot. Go check it out! ScriptSpot

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